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Golf Tip of the Month

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Tee it up high and adjust your set-up for longer drives.

If you are looking for more distance off the tee, have a look at how you are teeing the ball up. If I want to hit a big drive the first thing I always do is tee the ball up really high. If the ball is teed low, it doesn’t allow you to hit up on the ball. This is okay if you are trying to hit a low fade to get the ball in play, but if the hole allows you to open up the shoulders and unleash a high bombing draw you need to get that ball up nice and high.

Once that’s done, I try to set up with the ball positioned well forward in my stance which again encourages me to hit up on the ball. The next thing I do is drop the right foot back around ½ foot from what I would normally think of as a square stance. The next thing I do is get my left shoulder higher than my right and have my shoulders pointing at least at the target. If my shoulders are pointing left of my target it’s going to make it extremely difficult to hit up on the ball unless I stay on my back foot which isn’t ideal. And finally I get my hands back behind the clubhead at address which encourages a low and wide take-away which puts me in a great position to hit up on the ball.

Like always, it’s best to try these changes in practice before attempting them on the course during a competition round, but if you yearn for a bit more distance off the tee make sure you give these tips a go.

If you need any assistance with your game, reach out to Paul or myself to book in a lesson. Remember “golf is more fun when you’re playing well”.

Article Credit: BlueFit Director of Golf, Stewart Hardiman

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