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Golf Tip – Drive it Further

We could all do with a little more length off the tee.

This month I’m going to show you a drill that will help you achieve this. Most golfers lose distance with their drives because they hit down on the ball too steeply. The most common reason for this steep angle of attack is usually a lack of spine tilt behind the ball swinging towards impact (or right-side bend for right-hand golfers).

The best thing about this drill is you don’t need any gadgets, just the driver you’re about to hit. Follow the steps below are you’ll be on your way to bombing some longer drives;

  1. Tee the ball up higher (at least half the ball needs to be above the top edge of your driver).
  2. Take a wide stance.
  3. Make sure the ball is positioned off the left toe (opposite for left-handers).
  4. Stand the driver up vertical (head on the ground) just inside the ball & grip with the left thumb over the butt of the grip.
  5. The left arm is stretched out parallel to the ground and the right-hand stays off the club.
  6. Create some spine tilt or right-side bend so you’re behind the ball.
  7. Make a couple of small half swings with the right hand & arm passing under the left arm.
  8. Feel the right-side bend and the right arm swinging up through the impact zone.
  9. Now go ahead and hit a shot with the same feel.

You should find the ball launching straighter and higher with less spin, which will result in more carry distance.

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