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Golf Tip – Improve Your Pitching

This month I’m going to share my thoughts on what is required to hit consistent pitch shots. It’s a shot that has a great impact on your scoring and if you work on the following tips you’ll be well on your way to making more birdies and saving pars with more controlled approach shots.

Narrow your stance

By keeping your feet close together, it’s easier to centre your body over the ball and it stops you from moving laterally off the ball.

Good Posture & Ball Position

Like all shots, make sure you bend from the hips and let your arms hang straight down below your shoulders. Don’t get lazy, stay athletic and in good posture. It’s also important to set up with the ball in the centre of your stance and keep your shaft relatively vertical to the ground which will allow you to use the bounce on your wedges. You don’t want to create too much forward shaft lean that can cause the clubhead to dig into the turf too much. On the flip side, getting your hands behind the ball with the shaft leaning back will promote a scooping action which will have you chunking and thinning shots.

Grip Pressure and Connection

It’s imperative that you hold the club lightly, especially in your bottom hand when playing the pitch shot. Light grip pressure will allow the clubhead to fall naturally down on the back of the ball. And if you make sure your lead arm (left for right handers) hugs your chest throughout your backswing and downswing you’ll create a good swing path and angle of attack.

Rotate & Swing Left

I see many golfers hit poor pitch shots because they stop rotating through the ball. Make sure you keep turning your hips and then chest to the left for right handers and allow your arms to follow. This turning action through the strike will help you maintain a square clubface to the target and utilize the bounce of your wedge at the bottom of your swing. 

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