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Golf Tips

Golf Tip of the Month

To putt well you first need to master the art of speed control. I consider good speed control to be the ability to regularly roll the ball just past the hole if it doesn’t happen to fall into the hole. … Read More


The team at Riverside Kitchen and Bar have recently hosted a wide range of events.   Ranging from Easter to Mother’s Day to AFL to Trivia, the team at Riverside Kitchen and bar have really done it all.   Over … Read More


Most golfers have had their difficulties battling a slice, but most don’t know why it occurs and how to go about fixing it. The bottom line is, anytime the ball slices it’s a direct result of the clubface being open … Read More

Golf Tip of the Month

The benefit of a Pre Shot Routine (PSR) When teaching all levels of players, I regularly reinforce the importance of a Pre Shot Routine for all shots for players of all levels. A consistent routine will keep you in the … Read More

Golf Tip of the Month

Eliminate excessive movement with some mirror work at home Most of us struggle to catch the ball solidly on a consistent basis. The main reason for this is the body moves around more than necessary throughout the swing. You may … Read More

Golf Tip – Improve Your Pitching

This month I’m going to share my thoughts on what is required to hit consistent pitch shots. It’s a shot that has a great impact on your scoring and if you work on the following tips you’ll be well on … Read More


Golf Tip – Stay over & move forward in 2023 We all would like to play better than we did in 2022, so this year we are going to focus on simple skills that with a little bit of practice … Read More

Golf Tip

How to lower your ball flight Whether you’re trying to keep your ball flight under the wind when it’s howling into you or you’re attempting to escape the trees whilst avoiding the lower hanging branches, the ability to keep your … Read More

Golf Tip

Fixing your Slice The Slice shot is one of the most frustrating shots you can hit. It’s got no power, curves out of control to the right and often ends up in the right trees or on another fairway. It’s … Read More

Golf Tip: 5 simple steps to help improve your swing 

Another golf tip for this month is a practice drill which will help you to develop a great feel for a swing that is on the plane. It’s called the wall drill and it gives you instant feedback when you’re … Read More