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Golf Tip: Make 2022 a Year of Good Rhythm and Tempo

We often hit poor shots on the golf course when the rhythm in our swing gets quick and our tempo speeds up.

Often this occurs as a result of being concerned about the result of a shot or thinking about too many technical thoughts to pay any attention to our rhythm and tempo.

So how do we make our swing smooth and rhythmical like the pros we watch on TV? You can start by committing to the points below and you’ll be well on your way to a free-flowing swing;

  1. Leave your technical thoughts on the practice range (trust that what you’ve worked on will repeat naturally on the course)
  2. Focus on your breathing to stay relaxed
  3. Commit to a routine rather than focus on the result
  4. Make a practice swing before each shot where you (a) feel a slight pause at the top (b) start the downswing slowly and (c) hold a balanced finish position
  5. Then go ahead and play the shot focusing on your rhythm.

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