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Golf Tip of The Month: Strategic Golf for Better Scoring

Butch Harman, (Tiger Woods’ former coach) says it best when it comes to better scoring, “most golfers are too obsessed with more distance off the tee at the cost of putting the ball into play”. Often this can lead to poor contact, accuracy and in general getting into trouble.

If you play here often, you should know the correct distance to hit your tee shot into the widest landing areas. Sometimes this could mean hitting an iron or hybrid or even treating a mid to long par 4 as a par 5 depending on how far you hit the ball, rather than pushing for par and making a double bogey or worse.

Next time you are playing in the comp or a practice round, scout around and have a look at landing areas and distances off the tee to lay up zones for your preferred distances. Most golfers will prefer to hit a full swing approach (60-plus metres) than an awkward pitch shot.

By using these tips, you can avoid big numbers on your scorecards, reduce your handicap, fewer wipes and have a better chance to improve your consistency.

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