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Golf Tip: Play better in Windy Conditions

You have probably been there before… the wind is howling, you are having a “Barry Crocker” and wishing you were somewhere else and you have lost out to the elements.

The 15th club in your bag in windy weather is your mindset. Do we accept the conditions and embrace the challenge or let the wind ruin our scorecard? We are fortunate at Hurstville that we are off the coast and we are not challenged by strong winds very often.

The phrase you have probably heard “swing easy when it’s breezy” is very helpful when faced with the wind/crosswind shots. The worst thing to do is to hit down steeply on the ball or swing harder as it will impart a backspin which will get the ball to rise quickly which will kill distance and control. No use fighting the wind as it will win every time.

Below are some basic tips for all wind directions and how to play them. “General rule of thumb is for every 10km hour of wind, allow for 1 club” (tip – check BOM for an update before you tee off).

Enjoy it when you have it!! Swing at Full Power.

Tee Shots – Tee it High (let it fly)– swing at full effort will maximise the conditions to allow for good carry. Expect more bounce and run than usual, especially in gusty winds.

Iron Play – Again, full effort with a mid/short iron as this will maximise launch – always aim to land it shorter than you think especially in gusty winds.

Into a Headwind
Accept the ball won’t go as far so swing within yourself (balance and tempo).

Driver – Grip down at least an inch down the shaft which will help you swing shorter than normal. Feel your weight is centred between both feet with a slightly narrower stance which will assist rotation and keep your swing on a shallow path through the ball. This will ensure to take the spin off the ball and maintain accuracy.

Irons – Ball position slightly further back in the stance, slightly narrower stance grip down a half-inch down to shorten swing. This will assist a shallower swing arc and hands in a lower finish see image.
Cross Wind off Right or Left shoulder. Don’t fight the wind. Stand on the side of the tee where the wind is coming from to ride the wind and maximise extra yardage and roll.

Next time you play in windy weather try these tips out.

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