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Golf Tips From The Pros

Improve your short putting to build your confidence

We all know putting well is a crucial element of playing good golf. It’s important that we set up correctly and develop a consistent stroke, striking the ball out of the middle of the putter every time. Below you’ll find some practice drills I use regularly to help you achieve these important fundamentals.

Mirror Drill
Using a putting mirror when practising. This will not only get your eyes over the ball, but it will ensure you aim your putter square to your intended starting line.

Tee Drill
This is a practice drill Tiger Woods used for his whole career. Place a small ball marker approximately 3 feet from the hole. Next place your ball just in front of the marker, then line your putter up so it’s aiming where you want (middle of the hole for a straight putt) with the putter head in the correct position. Place a tee just outside (approx 0.5 cm) the toe of your putter and another the same distance outside the heel of your putter.

The tees will allow enough space for the putter’s head to just swing through and ensure you strike the ball out of the centre of the putter’s face. Now start stroking some putts. If you find it too easy, narrow the gap. It’s also a good idea to hit some putts with your right hand only.

We hope you notice some change after putting these drills into practice!

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