The driving range opening hours will be limited to 7am-1pm and 3:30pm-7pm daily until Monday the 15th of April while we await repairs to the machine that retrieves the balls from the range. We apologise for any inconvenience.
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It’s that time of year when school has officially returned, and the roads have slowly begun to clear out. So, for holiday lovers and travellers of all kinds, it is the perfect time to hit the road again.

We understand that many of our members fit into this category, so we have a membership suspension policy in place… after all there is nothing worse than unnecessary stress (or expenses!) when you’re travelling.

The Membership Suspension Policy outlines that membership suspension is available to members upon request and can be used for either travel or illness. Other reasons to suspend will not be accepted.

It is a requirement that all members provide a minimum of two weeks notice, prior to the suspension period starting. There are many factors that influence this notice period requirement and to ensure smooth processing of your request we request a full two weeks notice.

If you have any further questions about membership suspensions or would like to put in a request, please speak with one of our friendly staff members at the Pro Shop.

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