The golf course will be closed on 8th and 9th November due to renovations. 

Par 5

6th Hole

6th Hole 6th Hole COURSE GUIDE Par 4 Mens 433m Par 5 Ladies 378m 6th Hole A challenging par 4, long and tight, would best describe this hole and admittedly the toughest hole on the golf course. A good drive … Read More

5th Hole

5th Hole 5th Hole COURSE GUIDE Par 5 Mens 484m Ladies 477m 5th Hole A moderate par 5 in length with the Maribyrnong River running parallel to the fairway located on your left. Tee tree also guards the left side … Read More

3rd Hole

3rd Hole 3rd Hole COURSE GUIDE Par 4 Mens 390m Par 5 Ladies 366m 3rd Hole A reasonably straight golf hole but requires a good drive to a tight fairway. A small bunker guards the left side and will catch … Read More