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Putting Tip: Claw Putting – Pencil Method

Struggling with getting the ball started on the line and is your right hand too dominant in your stroke?

I have adapted the claw method that Tommy Fleetwood and Phil Michelson have adopted successfully a few years ago and it has been effective in getting the ball started on my intended line and holing more 6-15 foot putts. I have found this has simplified my putting and have had success in converting this method to a few members.

Basically, the top handgrip is in a conventional position. The bottom hand is positioned similar to a pen holder (Table Tennis style). A “V” shape is formed under the shaft with the forefinger running down the grip. The right hand should feel in a locked and stable position. (Alternatively, the forefinger and middle finger can be used for added stability.

This passive position adds stability without allowing manipulation of the putter head.

Try this out at home. Find a ruler or a straight line and practice this method. If you are doing this correctly the putter face will swing squarely down the line. All the best with trying this out!

Author: Paul Skinner, Assistant Professional at Hurstville Golf

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