The golf course will be closed on 8th and 9th November due to renovations. 

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Golf Tip: How to improve your skills from home

Even though the golf course is closed, there is no reason why you can’t hone your skills from home!

This month we are recommending a simple exercise that can be done anywhere with a wall. By doing this exercise every day, it will help increase your flexibility and give you the correct feeling of loading up behind the ball with more width in your backswing. It will also help anyone that is prone to reverse pivoting by training you to maintain your body shape so you can build up some pressure on the inside of your right leg.

Watch the video below which shows the correct backswing turn first, followed by the wrong way (reverse tilt). Take notice of how the body angles are maintained in the first move and how the hands are in a much wider position. If you can make the same move with the driver in your hands you’ll be in a much better position to create power and speed through the ball.


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