We will be closing the driving range at 7:00pm with last balls at 6:30pm. Thank you for your understanding.

Daily Archives: November 17, 2022

Golf Tip

Fixing your Slice The Slice shot is one of the most frustrating shots you can hit. It’s got no power, curves out of control to the right and often ends up in the right trees or on another fairway. It’s … Read More

Golf Tip: 5 simple steps to help improve your swing 

Another golf tip for this month is a practice drill which will help you to develop a great feel for a swing that is on the plane. It’s called the wall drill and it gives you instant feedback when you’re … Read More

Golf Tip: How to improve your skills from home

Even though the golf course is closed, there is no reason why you can’t hone your skills from home! This month we are recommending a simple exercise that can be done anywhere with a wall. By doing this exercise every … Read More