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Fixing your Slice

The Slice shot is one of the most frustrating shots you can hit. It’s got no power, curves out of control to the right and often ends up in the right trees or on another fairway. It’s a problem shot that most golfers struggle to overcome. So how do we fix it?

There are a number of causes for hitting the slice, but this month I’m going to discuss the most common reason for hitting this undesirable shot and how to start fixing your fault. The Open Clubface. Every shot that slices to the right will be the result of an open clubface at impact. The clubface may be open at address, on the takeaway, at the top of the swing or on the downswing, but I can guarantee the clubface is open when the clubface makes contact with the ball.

Fix – you need to become aware of your clubface position throughout the swing to change your ball flight to a draw. Start with a stronger left hand grip, preferably 3 knuckles showing and in the fingers. Now let’s focus on the following 4 key positions. 

Address – make sure your clubface is aimed at the target or slightly left for a stronger draw (hook). 

Take away – when the club shaft is parallel to the ground early in the take away the bottom edge of the clubhead should be turned down slightly

Top of swing – the leading edge of clubface should be on a 45 degree angle at the top or preferably more clubface to sky than toe down

Half way down – clubface is turned down slightly (same position as take away).

If you match your clubface to these 4 positions you’ll be in a better position to attack the ball with a square to slightly closed clubface at impact and draw your shots. If you have been playing your shots with an open stance and the ball position well forward to compensate for your slice, you will need to bring the ball position back a little and slightly close your stance to allow for your new ball flight.

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