We will be closing the driving range at 7:00pm with last balls at 6:30pm. Thank you for your understanding.

Golf Tips

Golf Tip: How to improve your skills from home

Even though the golf course is closed, there is no reason why you can’t hone your skills from home! This month we are recommending a simple exercise that can be done anywhere with a wall. By doing this exercise every … Read More

Golf Tip of The Month: Strategic Golf for Better Scoring

Butch Harman, (Tiger Woods’ former coach) says it best when it comes to better scoring, “most golfers are too obsessed with more distance off the tee at the cost of putting the ball into play”. Often this can lead to … Read More

Golf Tips From The Pros

Improve your short putting to build your confidence We all know putting well is a crucial element of playing good golf. It’s important that we set up correctly and develop a consistent stroke, striking the ball out of the middle … Read More

Golf Tip: Play better in Windy Conditions

You have probably been there before… the wind is howling, you are having a “Barry Crocker” and wishing you were somewhere else and you have lost out to the elements. The 15th club in your bag in windy weather is … Read More

Golf Tip: Staying On Top Of Your Game

This month we are going to reveal an exercise I do regularly to achieve more consistent strikes with my irons. It’s really easy to do and can be done from the comfort of your home which is great when the … Read More

Golf Tip: What Ball Should I Use?

Q. What ball should you use?A. Something round with dimples? OR find out what works for you? No course is ever the same so it is important to consider what ball is best to use. Do I need; A ball … Read More

Golf Tip: Make 2022 a Year of Good Rhythm and Tempo

https://youtu.be/hio9uj9KATs We often hit poor shots on the golf course when the rhythm in our swing gets quick and our tempo speeds up. Often this occurs as a result of being concerned about the result of a shot or thinking … Read More

Golf Tip: Build Stronger Core Strength To Improve Your Golf Swing

Your core is what helps you maintain good stability and control throughout the golf swing. Keeping a stable core allows for a smooth, fluid and consistent swing. A stable core allows you to overcome rotational forces placed on your body … Read More

Golf Tip: Increase Your Flexibility & Power at Home

Are you looking for a good exercise to do at home or in the gym to increase your distance off the tee? This month, we have a simple exercise that can be done anywhere you can find a wall. By … Read More

Putting Tip: Claw Putting – Pencil Method

Struggling with getting the ball started on the line and is your right hand too dominant in your stroke? I have adapted the claw method that Tommy Fleetwood and Phil Michelson have adopted successfully a few years ago and it … Read More